ReConFig 2012

ReConFig 2012



Journal Speccial Issues

ReConfig12 Special Issue of the journal "Microprocessors & Microsystems" Preparation in progress

ReConfig12 Special Issue of the journal "Computers & Electrical Engineering

Keynote 1:

"The once and future FPGA: the confluence of configurable processing and reconfigurable technology" by Grant Martin, Chief Scientist, Tensilica

Keynote 2:

"Reconfigurable Computing and Trust: Foundational Technologies to Enable Trusted Reconfigurable Platforms" by Eric Sivertson, President, Quantum Trace

Best Papers Award:

"A Case Study of Streaming Storage Format for Sparse Matrices", Shweta Jain and Ron Sass

"Automatic Generation of Identical Routing Pairs for FPGA Implemented DPL Logic" Wei He, Andrés Otero, Eduardo de La Torre and Teresa Riesgo "

Eight Ways to put your FPGA on Fire – A Systematic Study of Heat Generators" Markus Happe, Hendrik Hangmann, Andreas Agne and Christian Plessl