ReConFig 2014

ReConFig 2014


 Proceedings at IEEE Xplore

Keynote 1:

"It's About Time" by Edward A. Lee, U.C. Berkeley (PDF)

Keynote 2:

"SpaceCube - A Family of Reconfigurable Hybrid On-Board Science Data Processors" by Thomas Flatley, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (PDF) (Video1) (Video2)

Keynote 3:

The Past and Future of FPGA Soft Processors" by Jan Gray, Gray Research LLC. (PDF)

Best Paper Award:

"Deferring Accelerator Offloading Decisions to Application Runtime", Gavin Vaz, Heinrich Riebler, Tobias Kenter and Christian Plessl. Department of Computer Science, University of Paderborn, 33098 Paderborn, Germany.